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The Airborne and Ranger Community

No group of ex-serviceman are as tightly knit and organized as airborne and Ranger veterans. Nearly every airborne unit proudly maintains an association. Functioning more as extended families, airborne associations foster something known as "airborne and Ranger fellowship." This fellowship is a camaraderie among the men that is often forged in the heat of battle, resulting in lasting friendships that have endured for decades. It’s all part of being "Airborne or a Ranger" and knowing that your part of an elite group that has prepared and trained harder than anyone. More then just a spirit, this fellowship is backed by a legacy of courage, trust and winning results. It’s a spirit that pervades the reunions where the men retell old war stories and rekindle friendships. This fellowship also extends into the community. Airborne and Ranger veterans are responsible for countless acts of community service and volunteerism. Around the country, Airborne veterans are guest lecturers in scores of classrooms and the associations are responsible for providing scholarships to needy students.

About the Drop Zone
Since our inception, The Drop Zone has pioneered oral history on the internet by creating a new paradigm for how oral and "e-histories" TM are created. Click the hypertext to read a few articles about this volunteer effort in the:

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517th Regimental Combat Team Website

Arguably, no one has done more to foster airborne fellowship than Don Lassen, a WWII veteran of the 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment and Editor of the Static Line. Created over four decades ago, the Static Line is the newspaper and gathering place for the airborne community.

The Static Line
Don Lassen
Box 87518
College Park, GA 303371

The National D-Day Museum and Eisenhower Center

The National D-Day Museum The D-Day museum grew from Eisenhower Center Founding Director Stephen Ambrose's book D-Day June 6, 1944: The Climactic Battle of World War II and Dr. Ambrose's collection of oral histories of D-Day and Battle of the Bulge veterans. The Museum will feature artifacts from Utah and Omaha Beach as well as the Higgins Landing Craft .  Accordingly, Mr. O'Donnell  has assisted in the design and provided some interviews for the interactive portion of the museum.


The Airborne and Special Operations Museum
 is also link worth visiting.


Tim Roop's  Site dedicated to honoring the men who fought in Normandy:

A wonderful site honoring America's P.O.W.'s of WWII can be found:


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Sites Dedicated to Preserving Historical Artifacts

Military Patches



Books A fine oral history from Aaron Elson.

The Military Reading List By Dave Gran is also a great source for military books.



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