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We are pleased to announce the creation of a new resource for connecting veterans of WWII Airborne units with each other airborne veterans, the volunteers who manage the Drop Zone Virtual Museum, and other historians.

The virtual reunion is a list of over 150 WWII era veterans from nearly every airborne unit that served in WWII.  The objective of the reunion is to connect the airborne community and engage in historical discussion. The Reunion provides a forem to discuss airborne topics with a large group of the participants - creating an on-line reunion if you will.   Dynamic discussions can result from discussion threads that appear on the Virtual Reunion.  Memories are awakened and individual recollections and personal expirences are often the by-product of the discussion.  The Drop Zone is using this ground breaking medium to obtain oral histories and historical content.    

The Virtual Reunion is an email-based discussion group. If you are unfamiliar with how an email discussion groups works please visit the our provider for an explanation.  There is NO COST to join the Reunion.

If you are interested in participating (do to cost and size constraints) we request that only WWII and Korean War airborne veterans enlist) in the Virtual Reunion, simply send an email message to:

with the following command in the body (not the Subject:) of the email:

  subscribe virtualreunion

You should then receive a message asking if you "really want to do this?" This is to ensure that no one is masquerading as you, which is notoriously easy to do on the Internet given the current state of the technology. Simply follow the directions in the message and soon you should be ready to go. A message welcoming you to the list should follow shortly.


If you have an problems, or you just want to know more, send an email message to:

and we'll get right back to you.

Send Personal Accounts and Feedback to:
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