503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment     462nd Parachute Field Artillery Battalion
161st Parachute Engineer Company
Harry M. Akune
P.O. Box 2245
Gardena, CA 90247

Dear Harry:

It is with true pleasure that I can finally send you your long overdue certificate as a Parachutist for which you qualified for participating in our airborne assault on the island fortress of Corregidor.

I am also enclosing a paratrooper badge containing a combat star which you earned as a member of my own 5036 Parachute Regimental Combat Team,

Through the efforts of Captain Tom Hara, now stationed at Fort Belvoir, and the assistance to me of Lt, Col. (Ret.) Jack Herzig, a former platoon sergeant in my 503d, your certificate was recently signed by the Commandant and Assistant Commandant of the United States Army Infantry School and, in an unusual aspect, is dated effective 16 February 1945

The members of the 503d came from varied backgrounds, from factories and schools, some born in Europe, some Native Americans, some whose ancestors could be traced to the signers of the Constitution, some draftees, some regular army soldiers, some from main street and some few from places like Amache Relocation Camp. What they all shared was an extraordinary degree of courage. You joined our ranks because you have that rare amount of courage and have been one of us since then.

Please take the opportunity to display the wings which should have been awarded to you over 41 years ago.

I am proud to have been the commander of men like you.


George M. Jones [signed]
Brigadier General
USA (Ret.)

Paratrooper badge w/star.
Certificate as Parachutist.