Negros - The Last Campaign

From Sherman L. Durham of the 503rd RCT


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Harvey Dufault and Michael Parendo eating rations on Negros, Philippines 1945 From (L to R) B Caroll, Don Curry, and Robert Curry capture the fatigue that was associated with fighting on Negros.
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Harvey Dufault (left) and B.B. Morton pose with their 30 cal. machine gun. Harvey Dufault and B.B. Morton from a different angle.
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Group photo on Negros. If anyone has information about this photo please drop me a line. (L to R) (unkown), Sherman Durham, and Albert Kleinman

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Robert Konishi one of a only a handful of Japenese-American's who fought in the 503rd on Negros. The sawmill located on Negros which would later serve as the POW cage for Japanese prisoners after their surrender at the end of the war.
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Sherman L. Durham, HQ 2nd Bat. 503 RCT
Group photo taken on Negros, Philippines 1945  (L to R)
Front Row: Maynard Mathess, Harvey L. Dufault, Jack Kimura. Middle Row: Donald Curry, Bob Konishi, J. Hightower, C. Neilson Back Row: unknown Lopez, D. Mulsap, Sherman L. Durham, (unknown), (unknown) B. Carroll

The above photos were graciously furnished to the Drop Zone by Cindy Crawford, daughter of Sherman Durham.