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Normandy In Photos

From Joe Pangerl of the 502 PIR

pamgerl7.JPG (45111 bytes)

IPW (Interrogation of Prisoners of War) Team #1
Heisville, France. (L-R) T-5 Fred Patheiger, 1st Lt. Joe Pangerl (OIC)
PFC leeds.

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Future congressmen Hugo Simms and Joe Pangerl on a captured German ammunition carrier.  The ammunition carrier was formally a French tank chassis converted by the Germans.


pangerl3.JPG (37719 bytes)

June 13, 1944, the XO of the 502 and members of his staff.
A wrecked glider is in the background.

pangerljeep11.JPG (26698 bytes)
D +6 Pangerl's interrogation crew is on the
road heading south east from Carentan.

pangerl8.JPG (29910 bytes)

A German assualt gun converted from a
Czech light tank outside the church in Carentan.

pangerlcombat13.JPG (21729 bytes)
Combat photo taken during the attack on Carentan. Pangerl's crew was under fire from German small arms fire. The photo was taken just NE on a road from Dead Man's Corner. 

pangerl11.JPG (27066 bytes)

Pangerl outside the Hiesville Chateau.

pamgerl10.JPG (43390 bytes)
A destroyed German 88mm Anti-tank gun in Carentan.
Pangerl1.JPG (32457 bytes)   pangerl2.JPG (27124 bytes)

German POWs interrogated by the IPW Team.


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pangerl14.JPG (17612 bytes)

July 10, 1944, waiting in a field to board LSTs back to take the 502 back to England. 
The Photo on the right was taken onboard the LST going from Utah Beach(Red) to
South Hampton.  (L to R) Lt. Byers, Lt. Crail, Lt. Ed Cowan, Lt. Joe Pangerl.

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