A Ranger's Photo Album

From Frank DiFilippo of the 5th Ranger Battalion



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German POWs being escorted to the POW cage by members
of the 5th Ranger Battalion near Foucarville.


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A Christmas/New Years card sent to love ones via


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A member of the 5th Ranger Battalion in Germany.



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Frank DiFilippo of HQ 5th Rangers


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Ranger Jim Royle sporting a Thompson,
July 24th 1945 in France.










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Pontoon bridge used by the 5th and other units to cross  the Rhine.


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A destroyed ME-109 in a revetment near next to an airfield somewhere in Germany.



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Old timers, who made it from Normany to the end of the war,
pose for the camera.


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Members of 5th rangers examine  the bodies of dead Polish and French prisoners executed by the camp's SS
guards as they fled the approaching Allied armies. 

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Nuremberg Statium at the end of the war .