Paratrooper Accoutrements

M1C Paratrooper helmetClose up of a M1C paratrooper helmet. The helmet liner has special A straps that keep the helmet fastened more firmly to the user's head. The steel pot has snaps that attached to the liner. Also visible is the classic leather chin cup and netting. It should be noted that many paratroopers were issued normal helmets and never received M1C or so-called D ring helmets.

M-3 Trench KnifeClose up of the M-3 trench knife and fibre coated scabbard. A leather scabbard was also employed.

The M1 Garand & M1A1 Folding Stock Carbine

m1garand.jpg - 3.8 K The M1 Garand is considered by many to be the best rifle of WWII. The rifle fires a .30 calibre bullet and is effective at 500 yards. The rifle contains an 8 round non-detachable clip. When the 8th round is fired the clip is ejected and makes a distinctive 'ping' sound.
The M1A1 Carbine was used primarily by officers and those troopers who could not be encumbered with carrying a rifle, such as mortar men or artillery personnel. The M1A1 was manufactured by Inland, and had specific serial number ranges that denoted manufacture. Below the pistol grip, the wood is stamped "IO" and is also typically marked with the crossed cannon ordinance cartouche. The M1A1 pictured (right) has the standard 15 round detachable magazine. Unaltered WWII M1A1s are scarce. M1A1 Carbine

Things that make you go BOOM! Gammon grenade No. 82. This "Bean Bag" shaped device was filled with TNT (Don't worry: the Drop Zone Virtual Museum's model is filled with a tube sock!) The grenade was used against light armored vehicles or in an antipersonnel manner. To arm the grenade, unscrew the cap which will reveal a cotton ribbon with a weight on one end and the fuse on the other. The next step is to throw the grenade at a target. The lead weight unravels the ribbon and arms the grenade in mid air. Upon impact with an object the grenade explodes. The other object pictured is a close up of the MKII A1 fragmentation grenade (also a dud!)
First Aid Kit and Gas Mask The black rubberized bag is a M5 Assault Gas Mask. The canvas bag is commonly known as a Musette Bag. A trooper's personal belongings were generally carried in the Musette bag..