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Memories from the Pacific
503rd PIR Photo Album

Photos courtesy of Jack Herzig.
This stunning photo album was prepared by Aiko Herzig.

The photos were taken primarily by Max Kulick and other members of B Co., 503rd PIR.

East end of Corregidor under Air Strike East end of Corregidor
showing Malinta Hill
Monkey Point--Site of tremendous suicidal explosion of the Japanese force, decimating  1st Battalion, 503rd; hurling tank 50 yards. The tank can be seen upside down against pole. Note the boulders that rained down on the battalion.
3rd Battalion moving through remnants
of 1st Battalion after Monkey Point explosion.
Old hospital -
Co. B preparing for evacuation, March 1945.

Jack Herzig's story of The Explosion at Monkey Point can be seen by clicking here.

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