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Shangri La
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Medics Ramirez and Sgt. Bulatao with crash survivor WAC Corporal Margaret Hastings. 

Rescue from Shangri-La
In the spring of 1945, Earl Walter, an officer in the 5217 Reconnaissance Battalion, led one of the most interesting parachute jumps and glider rescues of the war.  The 5217 was a unique unit consisting primarily of Filipino-American volunteers that were designated for covert operations.  The 5217 operated in enemy-occupied areas such as Palawan, Mindanao and Leyte in the Philippines.  Earl's interview covers a nearly forgotten rescue mission to save a downed C-47 crew trapped in an uncharted valley in New Guinea dubbed Shangri-La.

Final Battles &
The Negros Campaign 
Threynol~3.JPG (18563 bytes)e Airborne Assault 
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