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The Airborne Assault on Tagaytay Ridge
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The  511th  Airborne Assault over Tagaytay Ridge  (Gale)

One Night on Tagaytay Ed Cole describes his night on Tagaytay Ridge.

Fighting around Manila and The Genko Line 

Nagsubu   Carl Memmel, of the 187th describes his combat experience in the Philippines.

Through a Pilot's Eyes A pilot's story about the transport of  B Co. 511th PIR to Los Banős by Capt. Herbert J. Parker.

The Los Banős Raid told by its commander, John Ringler. 

Aparri - Northern Luzon 

Campaign on Aparri - A narrative outlining the 11th Airborne's  Aparri Operation, the last combat jump of the PTO and one of the only times gliders were used in combat during the PTO, by Maj. James Lorio.

The Airborne Assault Noemfoor 
Banzai Charge Bill Calhoun, 503 RCT, describes the repulse of the battalion sized banzai charge that occurred  on Corregidor, starting the night of February 18, and the actions of Medal of Honor recipient Lloyd McCarter.

A Nisei on Corregidor The story of Harry Akune, a Japanese-American whose heroic efforts to gather intelligence saved lives and shortened the battle to retake Corregidor.

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Harry Akune and relatives, Boulder Colorado, 1943

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