Memories from the Pacific

503rd PIR Photo Album

Buna, New Guinea

Photos courtesy of Jack Herzig.
This stunning photo album was prepared by Aiko Herzig.
The photos were taken primarily by Max Kulick and other members of B Co., 503rd PIR.

Vernon "Pete" Primley (IA) 1st Sgt. Herbert Bowman looking for.
work detail.
Jack Herzig (NJ)
Looking for detail.
James Halloran (Hudson, NY) (looking into tent)
killed at Monkey Point, 1945,
Charlie Hardman (KS), Jack Herzig (NJ) (front)
Junior Malo (Chicago) James Halloran
Clyde "Arkie" Howard (AR),
& Charlie Hardman
Bob Heyer, killed at Monkey Point, 1945
L. G. Aiken(Denham Springs, LA),
Charles Rice (TX) (at extreme right)

Location / Pages: Australia 1,4; New Guinea 2,3,5-8; East Indies 9; Mindoro Island / Paluan 10-21

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