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This section captures the voices of those who fought against the airborne and Ranger troops of WWII.  Its' objective is to gain a greater understanding of the airborne and Ranger experience during WWII by interviewing the other side. It is not meant to glorify or enhance their image or promote any political views.  

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SS troopers from the 1st SS Panzer Division in Normandy. National archives


A Fallschirmjäger’s Reflections

Fighting in the Normandy Bocage - an interview with Knight's Cross winner

Sergeant Alexander Uhlig

If you fought in WWII against the airborne or Rangers, or were in the Axis forces send contact us at:


Battle Of The Bulge  
Stephan Bellavich of the 9th SS Panzer Division describes what it felt like to be in an elite unit during the first few days of the battle of the Bulge. Time: 1:09
Outside Bastogne  
Stephan Bellavich, a veteran of the Russian front, Normandy, Market Garden, The Bulge, and finally Operation Konrad describes his experience as a member of one of the five elite SS panzer divisions fighting outside Bastogne in January 1945. Time: 2:42
SS Boot Camp  
Stephan Bellavich, from the 9th SS Panzer Division describes the rigorous training he received in SS boot camp. Time: 2:18










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