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In the Beginning:

First Jump An extremely well written V-mail by George Graves of the 504 PIR  describing his first jump. A narrative by Graves also describes the 504's trip over to North Africa.

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Early airborne post card from John Cole of the 501 PB.

The Force
William S. Story's account of the training of the First Special Service Force.

The Triple Nickles:

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The first officers of the 555 PIB.

Training England/Australia:
         Under development

Original Battalion John Cole provides on account of his service as an officer in American's first parachute battalion. The account also  includes many photos of the 501 PB.

Airborne Training Of The  84th Infantry Division at Camp Claiborne, LA by COL (Ret.) James E. Mrazek

Murder One  How two ignorant and inebriated troopers almost murdered Bill   Tom, a Chinese-American paratrooper, of the 17th Airborne Division.  

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Airborne training of the First Special Service Force in Montana.


Personal Beachhead  Bradley Biggs, the first commissioned officer of the 555 PIB (Triple Nickles), describes his first day as a paratrooper. 

Smoke Jumpers  The Triple Nickles battle forest fires in Oregon caused by
Japanese incendiary balloons.










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